Using the Dodge Durango, every drive can become an amazing adventure. With its collection of powerful engine choices and responsive handling, the Dodge Durango seeks to thrill your

senses and stoke your love of driving. You will be left wanting more by the Dodge Durango's performance whether you are navigating tight turns or vast roads. The Durango's sophisticated interior and svelte outside

All around you, style and luxury. There is something for everyone in the outstanding selection of Durango powertrain options. What ever your driving style or tastes, the Dodge Durango has a

just the correct powertrain choice for you. From the fuel-efficient V6 engine to the exhilarating HEMI V8 engine, the Dodge Durango provides a variety of powertrain choices to suit your

special requires. The Dodge Durango can meet your requirements for horsepower, fuel economy, or towing capacity.

Furthermore, technologies like eight ratio automatic transmission and all-wheel drive guarantee that the Durango runs smoothly and responsively in any kind of driving environment.