When you drive the Dodge Durango, every trip can feel like a great experience. With its range of powerful engines and responsive handling, the Dodge Durango is meant to thrill you and make

you love driving. The performance of the Dodge Durango will leave you wanting more whether you are driving on a wide road or around tight turns. The Durango also has a beautiful interior and a sleek appearance.

Style and luxury will be all around you at all times. There are so many great powertrain choices for the Durango that there is something for everyone. No matter how you like to drive or what you like, the Dodge Durango has a

You can choose the engine that works best for you. If you want to get the most out of your Dodge Durango, you can choose from a V6 engine that uses little gas or an exciting HEMI V8 engine.

different needs. You can get what you want from the Dodge Durango whether you want a car with a certain amount of horsepower, gas mileage, or towing ability.

The Durango runs smoothly and quickly in any driving situation thanks to features like all-wheel drive and an automatic transmission with eight ratios.