The Dodge Durango makes every drive an experience. The Dodge Durango's powerful engines and agile handling are meant to excite and inspire you to drive. Whether

on a wide road or in tight turns, the Dodge Durango will impress. Additionally, the Durango's sleek exterior and exquisite interior

lavish you with flair and luxury. The impressive Durango powertrain range has something for everyone. Any driving style or inclination, the Dodge Durango has a

powertrain that suits you. From the fuel-efficient V6 engine to the exciting HEMI V8 engine, the Dodge Durango has powertrain options for you.

specific needs. The Dodge Durango can meet your horsepower, fuel efficiency, and hauling needs. All-wheel

drive and an automatic gearbox with eight gears keep the Durango responsive and smooth in all driving conditions.