The Ford Fairlane debuted in 1955 as a full-size vehicle, succeeding the departing Crestline model. Two-door or four-door convertible, hardtop, and wagon configurations were

available for the Ford Fairlane. A chrome trim piece that ran along the side of the Fairlane from nose to tail was one of its most distinguishing characteristics; this enabled Ford to

offer exquisite two-tone paint jobs. In 1957, with the introduction of the second generation, the Fairlane gained in popularity. In addition to being larger than its predecessor, the new

Fairlane featured a more streamlined body and popular design elements of the era, such as more pronounced tail fins. Although comparable body styles were available, the top-of-

the-line Fairlane 500 Skyliner featured a distinctive option in the form of a brand-new

electric retractable hardtop. With all the options added, the Ford Fairlane may have been pricey, but it was gaining buyer favor and outselling the competition.